Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

Where Is Online Gambling Legal?

Online gambling has experienced exponential growth throughout the US. So much so, that many states have legalized sports betting allowing citizens to place bets from any location with internet access on their favorite games, teams or players from their favorite teams and players – and more states are considering legalizing other forms of online gambling such as casino games and daily fantasy sports – with many new laws still in the early stages but potentially becoming reality soon enough for American gamblers.

Step one in legalizing online casino gaming involves changing state laws. For this to occur, legislation must be introduced and passed by state legislatures – something which may prove challenging due to various challenges associated with writing laws that comply with federal regulations (something recently simplified with Department of Justice’s interpretation of Wire Act may help with).

Despite these challenges, many states are passing online gambling legislation, including California, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York. This may be partially driven by COVID-19 pandemic as states search for additional sources of revenue; however some state legislators worry that online casinos will take away business from physical establishments.

Connecticut has made significant strides toward legalizing online casino games as part of their overall efforts to legalize sports betting. Residents could soon enjoy games like blackjack, roulette and video poker from the comfort of their own home – potentially providing an economic boon for gaming in Connecticut.

Delaware Lottery Commission oversees online gambling as an entertainment form in Delaware, and this form of entertainment includes casino and poker offerings available across desktop and mobile platforms. Sports betting at land-based operators including Bally’s Dover and Delaware Park as well as daily fantasy sports and horse racing betting services is also a part of its sports offerings in the state.

Arkansas is another state that legally allows its residents to place bets on sporting and other events legally, with this activity regulated by its racing commission and expected to expand with additional forms of gambling in 2022. Social gaming and sweepstakes casinos, which use virtual currency or tickets that enable users to win real cash prizes, remain illegal under Arkansas state law.

Utah is known for having some of the strictest gambling laws in the United States. Online or sports gambling are prohibited here and only limited land-based gambling is allowed; however, with PASPA being repealed recently this could change in the near future – particularly if lawmakers amend the state constitution to remove its ban on gambling altogether – so until that point it would be wiser not to place bets here for now.

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